Get better!!!

I have been listening, for over a month, to the c.d. version of Stephen M R Covey’s excellent book, Speed of Trust.

Without going into a prolix exposition of the work (I could not possibly do justice to it in a single blog post), I wanted to touch on one of the 13 behaviours, “Get Better”, that Mr Covey refers to when talking about the second wave of trust, namely “relationship trust”.

Do you remember when your *inner fire* was burning strongest?

At that stage, you were on a roll, and nothing seemed out of reach – learning many new things went with the territory: a new skill set, a new language, building meaningful relationships and just living life to the MAX.

Where are you know?

Do you still feel that burning desire to better to yourself?

Or have you been ground down by the dire economic situation or the uncertainty over your future?

Or, frankly, are you just plain stuck?

In any relationship, we are always looking for a level of comfort where both parties are comfortable within their skin, but, be honest, does this lead to complacency?

Getting better is not easy. It requires (as a minimum):

  • Vision
  • Passion
  • Determination.
  • And, sometimes, blood, sweat and tears.

But surely the prowess of or the satisfaction of knowing that you have strived to reach the very maximum that you can and to keep reaching is so much more empowering than only to remember how things were in the past.