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When I first started to share content, the response, by-and-large, was positive.

I don’t just mean ‘positive’ in the sense of the right sort of comments. I mean… there was a response!

Increasingly, though, despite my best efforts to only share the best bits, the response has tailed off to a whimper.

Perhaps people have got fed up with my proclivity, but I think it more fundamental:

  1. They don’t have the time
  2. They have stopped showing up
  3. There is no business case to the material (there is only so many ways to say the same thing)
  4. People are bored with social media
  5. The content is dull.

As a consequence, it is unlikely that I will share very much in 2013. Instead, I will be focused on creating my content and sharing where appropriate.

It’s not that I am egotistical, but I can’t justify the time constantly looking for material and getting no feedback both from my followers and the authors.

Note: There are a few exceptions to this rule:

Julien Smith

Seth Godin

Tom Peters

And anything of significance, and not necessarily in my own purview.

Sorry if this goes against the social media grain, but I think it about time I tried something different.

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3 Responses to “Sharing content”

  1. Joe Reevy says:

    In the market in which you work, Julian, I think the problem is one of prioritisation..there are a LOT fo things firms have on their plates now which are very high priority to them – COLP and COFA, compliance generally, trading conditions, threats from new providers of services.

    At the moment, the focus is relentlessly short-termist. However, there is a second and fundamental issue: the wave of information that has to be swum through. The issue here is that there is so much stuff that unless it is valuable and pertinent, it is ignored…that means targeting (but then we’ve always espoused that).

  2. Julian Summerhayes says:


    Thank you. For me, I have been too easily seduced into thinking that by following what others have (supposedly) done on-line that I, too, would reap the rewards. I realised some time ago that I was getting no engagement from my shares, and it felt wrong to keep heaping stuff on others which in a lot of cases I wasn’t reading properly to know if it was of use to them. From now on, I will focus on my content and a lot of my material will remain under lock and key until I am ready to release it. And even then, it may not be in electronic form. It’s interesting what you say about your blog. I have changed the focus of my blogging, and, as much as I may be criticised, I write because I love to write and not just because I think others will want to read it. This may sound counter-intuitive but I couldn’t keep up the momentum if I thought I needed to ‘please’ people all the time.

    I hope you have a wonderful break, and look forward to catching up in January.

    best wishes

  3. Julian Summerhayes says:

    Thanks Joe. I’m sure you are right, but I think content plays so little part in the day to day lives of most lawyers that sharing has just become a waste of time.

    Have a great 2013, and catch up soon.

    Best wishes

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