Seeing things through different eyes

You are in the legal space.

Not everyone is or wants to be.

Every situation you see or come across becomes embued with your training and thinking of one case or another.

Even when you sign something as innocuous as an application to join a club or organisation, you only see what can go wrong.

Have you ever considered the emotional experience as being more important?

Just for once change your perspective. You will find yourself enlightened. Don’t assume that everyone views life as a risk analysis. Yes things go wrong but the legal profession has to accept that it has driven some of our behaviour for risk management and compensation.

Set free your spirit free.

Be yourself.

Don’t take your lead from those around you. It will cause you to regret your career path.

If you think you don’t need to change then fine but when you next consider a situation don’t think as a lawyer, but rather as your client. That is (merely) the starting point to making the very most of your talent and ensuring you stay committed to the profession and not the money.

~ JS ~