“A new ignorance is on the horizon, an ignorance borne not of a lack of knowledge but of too much knowledge, too much data, too many theories, too little time.” ― Eugene Thacker

This site has undergone many revisions. Too many for sure. I could have deleted all my old posts but that would be a cop-out and to disown my past — something I’ve no need to do. You’re welcome to have a browse and leave a comment. I will respond.

Right now, I’m embarked upon the most pressing and important journey of my life. No, not Who am I?, and all the other existential territory I’ve covered, but to write and speak about the sixth mass extinction (i.e. the Anthropocene) of humankind and all other sentient life. I can’t promise that what I share will be pretty, nuanced or different to what you’ve read elsewhere, but I’m determined to bring my life’s experience to bear on the issue, and try to address the question:

How the hell did it get like this?

As well as the writing, I intend to offer the opportunity to gather around a virtual campfire and explore some of the main themes of my writing. I’m not, you’ll be pleased to know, selling anything, other than perhaps a form of activism for the end of the Anthropocene.

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