“A new ignorance is on the horizon, an ignorance borne not of a lack of knowledge but of too much knowledge, too much data, too many theories, too little time.” ― Eugene Thacker

This site has undergone many revisions. Too many for sure. I could have deleted all my old blog posts but that would be a cop-out and to disown my past — something I’ve no need to do.

In the past I’ve been seized by many things and explored some of them, but, right now, I’m not on any mission or trip either to sell you on my ideas or anything else for that matter. No, all I’m trying to do, as grandiose at it might sound, is to make sense of the (or is that my?) world. Or, better still, address the question:

How the hell did it get like this?

I realise that that’s a very tall order not least because it bears on how we see and perceive the world but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Right now, the only content on this site appears on the blogging page and that’s where you’ll find me writing a daily piece — or as often as the mood takes me — but in time I’d like to record a few pieces on Soundcloud or, if I’m feeling really brave, record a monologue to YouTube.

Previously, I’d talked about the publication of a couple of books but they’ve not happened. This time around, I’m staying quiet on the subject but suffice to say the felt sense of needing to produce something that might have more longevity than a few ethereal blog posts hasn’t gone away.

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