10 Reasons to fall in love with blogging

It doesn’t matter how many times you read it, blogging has the power to change the World.

Unfortunately, too few people have grasped the nettle.

I’m not expecting you to stop procrastinating – “If only I had the time” – but I thought I would give my take (again) on the reasons to fall in love with blogging.

My 10 reasons:

  1. To come alive in your writing
  2. To give you a meaningful voice
  3. To cut through the noise of social media
  4. To excise yesterday’s ghosts
  5. To build bridges
  6. To make Art
  7. To explore your passion
  8. To show you care
  9. To build a tribe
  10. To unleash the genius within

Apart from these reasons, find some people to inspire you in your writing. My favourite blogger once said to me that he writes what I think about but wouldn’t have the courage to write. I thought the statement a bit egotistical at the time, but when I look at the largely insipid blogging landscape, I know exactly what he means.

I routinely get asked what someone should write about. I often try to come up with a meaningful answer, but the truth is I haven’t got a clue. That’s not entirely true. I can proffer a lucid answer or two which might help you get the first few posts off the ground. But, over the long haul, it’s your passion, commitment, interest and love for your Art that is going to skyrocket you forward.

The reality is that we all have something meaningful to say but too few of us step up to the plate.

The technology isn’t the problem. It’s your mindset.

Stop holding back.

There is only one way to proceed. Blog, and do so as if your life depended on it.

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