10 Social Media Posts You Might Not Have Read

This morning I decided to clear the decks.

I have spent the last 6 weeks thinking through where I have got to since leaving professional practice in August 2010. I have come a long way but there is much to be done.

It may sound cliched but I have never been happier. It is not just the fact that I no longer feel my life is driven to account for every six minutes, but, rather, I have had time to think about what is really important to me.

When I look back on my real motivation in life, it is the sense that we all have tremendous latent power that remains unrealised. One of the books that made a major impression on me as 19-year-old, intensely driven young man, was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It had very little to do with the idea of thinking myself to my first million but, rather, the (historical) context of Napoleon Hill’s work. I still believe that whether it is legal practice or any other walk of life that we have so much more to give.

You will have seen me mention, repeatedly, the line “To become what we truly are” which I first came across when listening to Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth Revisited. I cannot get it out of my mind.

Having just finished reading Seth Godin’s latest book Everyone is Weird  I was so pleased to find him say:

The fact is, some days I don’t care about marketing. I don’t care so much about whether or not Nike sells another sneaker or Marlboro sells another cigarette. What I care a great deal about, though, is each human’s ability to express her art, to develop into the person she is able to become. I care about the connections between people and our ability to challenge and support each other as we create our own versions of Art. And I care about freedom, the ability to express yourself until it impinges on someone else’s happiness.[my emphasis]

It may be over-stating the case, but I am of the view that, for many, social media (and all that that entails) is likely to give people much greater rights to self-expression, and we are only just starting to see its full potential. In time, I expect, whether in commerce, not for profit or learning, it will play a bigger role in our lives. But where the rubber meets the road for me is the fact that there are so few limitations to you and I being able to escape the dogma of the last 50+ years, strike out on our own and create Art. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to be renegades and throw in the towel on a promising career, but just being able to leverage their brand, skills and passion.

And so, in the spirit of this post, I thought I would dig through my archives and share a few of my favourite social media posts.

A lot of people are new to this site and may not have taken the opportunity to peruse the 350+ posts I’ve written. One task that I will be starting shortly is to have a better archives page rather than a topics based search.

I hope you enjoy them:

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