Two posts in a day!

I know I keep reading about the need to concentrate on the quality of the content for Blogs but I feel the need to use the platform as an opportunity to keep track of my inner mind and what lies most clearly ahead. It helps me to stay focused. I am still working on the finalisation of my seed business (I like this expression because it reminds me that I have only just planted the seed and it needs quite a lot of tending before it starts maturing into something that has shape, form and a dynamic that moves it from the page to something that lives and breathes my ideas) but I feel I am making good progress. It is definitely a challenge though – the time commitment is much greater than I anticipated. The absolute heart of things is still a simple message: making the very best of our talent and innate abilities in whatever setting that might manifest – work, relationships, friendships, family and in our day-to-day existence. There is also the focus on the interesting and pithy advices on those things that interest and intrigue me. Not some super guru or a motor mouth who has something to say on everything but rather how we can focus on the important things in our lives and make the biggest difference with the smallest amount of effort. A bit like having the hand on the tiller of fast moving boat or a F1 car. I appreciate for a lot of people they want to keep things simple and I know that over the next few months various themes will emerge that will capture a lot of my blue sky thinking (well it is to me at the moment). I would like to have a few people nudge me with some observations on my mutterings but the reality is that I am much more interested in using my blog as a platform to launch my key and focused messages, writings and speaking engagements that I propose to engage in (ideally using social media as the focal point).