Be bold and great things happen

Ambition, visionary thinking, taking risks or reaching for the stars are inherent in every entrepreneurial endeavour.

This is antithetical to law firm Partners. They are cautious in their outlook and operate as technicians.

Their vision, if they have one, is premised on doing more of the same or more particularly not being distracted from doing so.

Being bold lies at the root of every great endeavour, and legal practice should be no different.

“Heads you Win. Tails you Win”.

The downside?

You might fail.

Just imagine any sporting legend saying, “I can’t [run that time]”.

It wouldn’t happen.

Don’t let the market hold you back. As Jim Rohn talked about the market is just like the 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. They come round and look and feel pretty much the same. And so it is with Boom and Bust. Just because you are hanging on by your finger nails doesn’t mean you won’t get another opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Plot a course that feels out of reach. Not one that is premised on the past. The old times always seem better – and may be they were in terms of how hard you had to work to turn a profit, but the world has caught up and is overtaking you. If it isn’t the internet now it will be something just as powerful in the next 10 years.

Having attended my daughter’s parents evening recently, I was pleasantly surprised and heartened when one of her teachers told her that every person should have a 5 year plan. My daughter has aspirations for medicine or to be an actress. Her teacher thought both were in her grasp but then proceeded to talk about the specifics of each.

I wonder how many partners have a 5 year plan? None that I can think of.

Go on challenge yourself. Get a plan down now – 1 page of A4 will do for starters – and think bold. Don’t hold back.

If you need inspiring then go and watch Randy Pausch‘s last lecture on YouTube. Just think what you would do if someone said your time on this earth was limited?

~ JS ~