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Is anyone listening?

The on-line ‘Universe’ for the legal sector is minute:

  • How few partners or solicitors do you see on Twitter?
  • How many partners or solicitors are contributing to the discussions on LinkedIn?
  • How many individual partners or Managing Partners maintain a blog?
In fact, come to think of it, how many times do you see anyone in the legal space raise their head and say anything?
Right now it feels as if there is a vacuum.
From my experience in practice, very few lawyers are interested with the profession. They see it as a means to an end. Their focus is the internal dynamic. And they take their lead from those in charge.
I am not suggesting that lawyers close their eyes and ears to what is happening out there, but it doesn’t register.
If lawyers really cared about the profession not only would they be (seriously) contributing to the on-line discussion but, more than that, they would be driving the agenda for change.
They would be looking to optimise their expertise and not be considered as a service of last resort. They would be looking to drive technological change and not simply buying the services. And they would be collaborating to work out how they could scale their expertise to successfully challenge other business models.
But I forgot they are in private practice.
And that’s exactly the game they want to and are good at playing: keeping things private (and avoiding risk).
Seth Godin has talked about how ideas that spread win.
Well I think even if there was a great idea – a way of reaching out an engaging with more clients – then the fact that the profession is not listening makes it unlikely that anyone will spread anything.
OK, there is no acknowledged Manifesto for Change but there is enough information in the on-line Universe to provide the material to challenge the existing thinking.
Isn’t it about time you opened you mind, your eyes and ears and start playing your part?
~ Julian Summerhayes ~