Client Relationships ~ You Have to See the BIGGER PICTURE

I met yesterday with a friend who is legal director for a large company in the South West. Previously, he was a corporate partner, and was massively focused on winning work and gave everything to the job.

He shared with me a number of rather depressing stories of (un-named) firms that had missed the mark when it came to:

(a) client service;

(b) understanding non-verbal cues; and

(c) seeing the BIGGER PICTURE.

The underlying theme, and one that I found summed up the legal profession, was the obsession (perhaps it would be more apt to call it an addiction) with hourly billing. To say that each firm appeared intent on adopting a blinkered approach would be a massive understatement. In fairness to the said firms, perhaps my friend had not been as clear with his verbal cues as to what (a) he expected of them and (b) what he thought was valuable, intrinsically or otherwise. That said there was clearly a chasm of expectation.