Stop … and Focus

I have the words Stop and Focus racing around my head. It is something that I picked up from listening (several times!) to Michael Gerber’s stunning book Awakening the Entrepreneur Within.

Previously, I thought the key to effectiveness was being busy. I don’t mean busy work – majoring in the minor things – but doing a lot of things. Whilst there is place in our lives to build this way, in my case it often obscures the meaning, purpose and spiritual fulfilment that I now crave.

Getting in the zone, achieving a state of flow or seeing clearly is hard. But standing back from the fray and focusing is key to success – material or otherwise.

Focus is a state that we often find easiest when we are relaxed, in a peaceful place or away from the hurly-burly of daily life. We might also (suddenly) realise what is important, but it doesn’t take much for us to forget that thought.

Stop and focus.

However you bring yourself to a state of Now it matters not. A short walk, a moment by yourself or just taking yourself out of the situation.

If you do this more regularly you will begin to see the meaning in what you are doing, develop the ability to get your best work done and think less about what else you have to do, and more about the thing immediately in front of you.

My old sales mentor would regularly talk to me about the essence of success: practice, drill and rehearse. It is still sound advice.

Next time you are caught up in life’s travails and busy work Stop and Focus.

And breathe.

Breathe deeply and feel the moment where you are.

Your breath is a constant.

And it will bring you to a state of preparedness quicker than anything else I know.