keeping it together

South Milton

a picture of south milton beach taken a week ago on my Samsung Note

“A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play.”

If only.

the ingredients for a life of happiness often feel as elusive as Peter Pan’s shadow.

Just as you arrive at a space which feels comfortable, something hits you from left field.

you may have your own regime for ‘togetherness’, but seldom do we arrive at a settled space.

There is always something on our mind.

right now, i keep stumbling across saying after saying which implores us to just be (ourselves) – live for the moment – and drop the scripting of yesterday, and the longing that comes from looking ahead (for something better, perhaps?).

Superficially, we can all see how holding on to the moment (when we are happiest) feels right, but the thing is that nothing stands still long enough for us contemplate the imperiousness of now.

We have to plan if only because there is so much to do, and that is the way we are made.

all i can tell you from my experience of having to go from career seeker to artist (i think i am comfortable with that term now), is that dropping any pretence of what you should be is the first step to enjoying life.

Too many people that I meet regale me with all manner of superlatives about what they do, but are they truly pursuing their passion?

are you?

If you truly want to keep it together, don’t allow work to take precedence. I have lost count of the number of people who have crucified themselves in pursuit of some all-consuming goal only to be disappointed when, having reached the zenith of their expectation, it fell woefully short.

love what you, do what you love may seem too whimsical but what of





are they enough to sustain you?

At some stage, we all come to realise what is important, and yet many of us feel powerless to change our circumstances.

but i don’t buy that.

If you are passionate about living, then why do you allow yourself to remain frozen?

there are many people who, faced with a life-changing episode, decide then and there to change their direction. it’s the same with businesses. they seem to wait until the proverbial yoghurt hits the fan before doing something.


find time to reflect.

Break the routine.

find time to think.

Talk openly about the sort of life you want.

is it just the money that is holding you back?

Is that what your life boils down to?

a pay cheque?

We all have responsibilities.

but are they of greater importance than the life you were meant to live?

Right now, I am going through a process of simplifying my life.

it has helped me to look at the worst case scenario but the focus hasn’t been on gaining more but losing the things that once seemed important (the Rolex was sold nearly 10 years ago together with most of the collection of pens).

Find inspiration in what might be.

not what you have held on to for the last 10 years.

I love life.

it is endless in its possibility.

it is now.

not tomorrow.

don’t plan endlessly.

do something.

yes, of course, you have to understand your financial position but dreaming big is only the start: you have to act on those thoughts.

if you have a vision for a new venture or opportunity, then what is stopping you?

how much escape velocity do you need?

What does keeping it together actually mean?

body; mind; spirit?

Isn’t it about time you decided …