Everyone wants a blog.

The link between sales, SEO and developing a strong USP takes it beyond necessary.

The thing is if you join the party merely to drive home sales et al, then I fear you will be disappointed. And I don’t just mean ‘a shrug of the shoulders’ type disappointment (“Ah well”). I mean the sort of disappointment that comes from exposing yourself to public scrutiny, only to fail.

If you are holding back and playing it safe, then it’s a bit like an athlete who doesn’t give everything in competition.

If you really are serious about blogging then there is only so much of the same thing that your audience will put up before they say: “Got that. Now what?”

Start thinking like a publisher. Yes, I know that there are seasonal aspects that no one can get away with but start planning what you are going to write about, and don’t be afraid to seek feedback if things aren’t working out.

But perhaps the most important aspect is to write with passion and emotion. Even where the content is different, if the words are dead then even the ‘razzle dazzle’ of social media won’t rescue your insipid effort.

– Julian