The obvious social media advantage

There is no shortage of advice on the need to start and maintain a blog.

Some focus on the technology.

Others on content.

And a few talk about how, with the right mindset, you can carve out a living (of sorts).

But look around you – it doesn’t matter the industry or sector – very few blogs exist.

Websites, on the other hand, are two-a-penny.

[I don’t know who it was who said you have to have a website, but, clearly, every business has taken that message to heart. But even though they exist, they receive scant attention.]


Don’t be stupid.

That’s just too obvious.

Is it the terminology?

Or a lack of media presence?

Who knows.

But, it still amazes me, how few people have awoken from their torpor and decided to engage with their community in a way that knows no bounds.

At this stage, I could regale you with the numbers, the opportunity, the ease and the mechanics.

I won’t.

Rather, let me posit this question.

If you had a platform that could touch thousands of people with your message would you ignore the possibility?

If your answer is equivocal then my advice is…

don’t bother.

And, by don’t bother, I mean go and do something else where you can invest your passion and love for life. That could be meeting with more people, speaking or just doing something different to what you have done in the last 10 years.

The thing about blogging is that it is not something that you do because you have to, or because I tell you. You do it because you have no choice. More than that you see the window is open, and you know there are people who share your interest, zest or passion for whatever it is that you are prepared to share with the World.

One last thing.

Blogging is personal.

It doesn’t work behind a corporate facade.

Note: If you want to know where to start, then try WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or Tumblr. They all work.

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