Living inside your head

Imagine if you didn’t have to answer to that incessant voice in your head.

In other words, you could live your life totally in the present – all past thoughts and cravings or worry for what lies ahead being absent (or ignored).

This has a name – mindfulness – and my sense is that we all recognise the peace that comes with being in the moment, and enjoying the simplest of things.

I have spent a lifetime trying to understand the mind. But, having taken up meditation and Zen Buddhism, I realise how facile it is to believe that we can control our thoughts – think positive etc.

You might think me deluded. Leaving law was one thing, but adopting a spiritual philosophy which informs how I live my life is entirely different.

I don’t think so. We can’t, for any sustained period, adopt an approach to life that goes against who we are.

In time, I will share more of my journey but, for now, I feel comfortable sharing this insight, which has made such a significant impact on my life.

– Julian