Well being

The authentic self

Why is it we bury our true self?

We operate in two worlds: the one we think people are comfortable with; and the one we are comfortable with.

You might think you can coalesce the two. But do you?

I lived under the career yoke, and made all the right noises. Inside, though, I was angry, frustrated and ill at ease with my surroundings.

Being authentic doesn’t mean speaking our mind, whatever the consequences. It means being thoughtful, giving and appreciative of others, but most of all being expressive of who you are. In my experience, seldom, if ever, do people produce their best work when they wear a faux mask.

Not all employers are the same, but too many allow an atmosphere of fear to manifest where everyone plays the game for all it’s worth. Some bosses think it a major part of their job to keep everyone in line. Not only do I think this mistaken, but it’s positively subversive. Their job is to realise the potential of everyone.

Ask yourself this simple question.

What does your name stand for?


What does it stand for?

Just imagine someone writing your obituary:

‘[Name] … played the game really well’

You are here you for a reason.

Make the most of the opportunity.

My thing is to realise your potential – to awaken your genius.

I can’t imagine anyone coming to me for help and saying: “I want you to show me how I can play the game better.”

Be authentic.


Not tomorrow.

And forever.

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