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The unexpressed You

“If you can find interest, deep, genuine interest, in looking at yourself, struggling with yourself, changing your habits that don’t work, discovering your unexpressed passion – pursuing the question of the nature of the entrepreneurial  mind-set – I would feel honored to pursue it with you.”

From E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber

The $64,000 question: Are you prepared to change your daily routine in pursuit of a new life? Not dominated by the pursuit of more but one where your passion finds true purpose.

I have been pushing the point all week – Who am I? – but, before we can move forward with any discussion about awakening your genius, you have to understand the real you ins’t going to emerge absent change.

In particular, you have to consider doing more of the thing that expresses your passion, and less of what leaves you drained of emotion.

Habit change starts small. But the self-confidence that comes from seeing a (slightly) changed you is all the inspiration you need to tackle the bigger objectives.

Perhaps I can be even more succinct. Do what you say you are going to do.


Enjoy your weekend.

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