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Fade to grey

Fade to grey

“A conditioned mind is not free because it can never go beyond its own borders, beyond the barriers it has built around itself; that is obvious. And it is very difficult for such a mind to free itself from its conditioning and go beyond, because this conditioning is imposed upon it, not only by society, but by itself. You like your conditioning because you dare not go beyond.” — J Krishnamurti

Time ravages the body — that much is clear.

But what of the mind?

No, not the obvious — Alzheimer’s (how awful) — but something much more insidious: the way we give up hope.

Hope for a better future…for all

Hope that things could be different

Hope that we can change

Perhaps we’re weighed down by our responsibilities and accept that this is better than nothing, but that’s the wrong way to look at things.

Surely, whilst we’re alive, our aim should be to rise to full expression, even if that means accepting this moment as if we’d chosen it. In that way we wouldn’t allow our deepest love, our passion and our faith to be drowned out by the curse of fitting in — a product of the industrial mindset.

This isn’t about seeking perfection or a kind of nirvana state. This is about facing our deepest fears, questioning everything and staying curious. In the process, I’ve no doubt we’ll often feel consumed by hurt, pain and self-loathing but avoiding something doesn’t make what you have better.