Silence is…


But of course, that’s not much consolation when you’re lost in your head, i.e. your thoughts hold sway.

I mean, when was the last time you truly experienced silence both outwith but, more especially, within?

When you were asleep?

Of course, you can’t live that way…or not for very long!

For me, silence is the highest form of meditation. Or to put it another way, to purely listen (see the work of Jun Po Denis Kelly).

And no, I’m not there. Like you, I still get lost in my story. I’m this, that or want to be something else.

Does this mean I’m trying constantly to escape reality? No, but then again it depends on what you mean by ‘reality’. If you ask yourself what’s real, you’ll quickly discover the impermanence of everything — Buddhism 101.

Next time you’re in a meeting or talking with someone, I’d invite you to consider how you and the experience might be transformed in allowing for silence to come through you and be you.

You might find things are very different.

Silence. Let it be and guide your life.