Work is not life

For most people, work (now) is their life.

In those terms, I’m still staggered by how few people enjoy what they do.

Is there an alternative?

I don’t know.

For a start, we rarely investigate the meaning of work. If we did, I’m pretty sure we’d come up short and wouldn’t default to a mealy-mouthed response based largely, if not exclusively, on the need to earn a living or support our loved ones.

I mean, is that ever enough?


Enough would be to come alive all body, mind and spirit.

And, to have a purpose so huge — i.e. TO SAVE THE WORLD!! — that just to be part of the community would be life-enriching.

If I’ve tried to do anything with my blogging, it’s to invite you to ask a more beautiful question. Frankly, if you don’t you’ll go to your grave not just with a sense of regret but in knowing that if only you’d pushed that bit harder or fought your corner beyond another water-cooler rant, you might have changed your life and those you serve…for the better. ekis.julieann