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Plain dumb

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”
― Joseph Campbell, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

We know so much but understand so little.

In fact, it seems the whole education system is focused on the accretion of more, but for what reason?

To solve inequality?

To bring about world peace?

Or, most especially, to reverse the hammer blow we’ve dealt mother earth?

Of course not. If our knowledge is focused on anything, it’s to maintain the status quo — i.e. to support our love affair with consumption.

As I shared in Tuesday’s Tweet (see below), Stephen Jenkinson deals with it beautifully and I don’t want to ape his theme, but I fully endorse the notion that in the space of not (always) knowing we come alive to the possible, not the known solution.

You might think — and I’d completely understand — “So f*cking what!” But we have to ask ourselves, with easily a decade or more of unlimited information via Google and other sources, why we’re no closer to resolving one of the big issues than we were 10, 20 or 50 years ago?

I accept that how we interact with the dichotomy between acquiring more knowledge and learning from a place of insight, and heartfelt passion is not easy to reconcile but at least part of the problem is the language and the stories we’ve been accustomed to reciting.

For sure, it’s not a case of telling ourselves that everything is fixed or there is a workable solution but when will we see that we’ve learnt up to now isn’t the answer?

I know it’s a strange message: unlearn what you know; let go of any attachment to the old narrative; and tread a path of not knowing/wisdom; but what else is there?

If you don’t — and I mean this most sincerely — what you see now, will only get a lot worse; and in fact, it’s likely that the knowledge seeds we’ve sewn will reap their revenge in the shape of a world than can no longer  support the people who seem so oblivious to its hastening demise.



Photo by Clever Visuals on Unsplash lechuga_rayford