It’s all now

“Life is motion accomplishing itself.” — Darryl Bailey, Dismantling the Fantasy

Now is all there is.

As if it could be any different.

And yet, we live in the future, ruminate on the past and argue with what is.

It’s no wonder we’re so miserable.

I’m not suggesting that you zone out, do nothing and wish for a miracle, but, surely, by now, you’ve figured out that when there is no or little thinking (and we’re not engaged with the story) life is a lot easier?

And when I say ‘easier’, all I mean is you’re one with life — i.e. a moving, shifting, unformed, energetic experience of this moment.

I know all this now, mindfulness and presence talk can get very wearing when you’re desperate to deal with one catastrophe after another, but, trust me, from a lifetime of seeking, if you think you’ll find a regime or strategy to combat your anxiety, you’re most likely looking in the wrong place. Not just that but the outer world is not where you’ll find the answers. In my experience, all those people who exhort personal transformation are projecting. If it was otherwise, they’d be able to point to a Universal Truth that we’d all be following to better effect.

If you must do anything, look at your direct experience of life. And I don’t mean to interpret your thoughts as true or false but to accept that they, however they arise, are simply part of life; and, yes, often they cause great pain.

Put it another way: you’re not your thoughts any more than you are you sensing, seeing, touching, smelling and healing. I mean, those things happen (or don’t happen) and we don’t get all aerated, do we?

It’s important too to realise that we don’t will our wants and although it feels nice to accomplish something, we can just as easily be racked with pain when things don’t go our way, despite the effort and application.

Again, much like my previous posts, all I’m inviting you to do is to look within at your direct experience of life and ask yourself — whoever that is — what’s really going on…in this moment.

Blessings and big love,


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash