Playing it safe

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”
― Henry Miller

We think life is a series of incremental steps.

Towards what?

More money?

More security?

More status?

Truth is, we don’t know.

If we do trouble our translucent, fragile ego, we always come up short and default to another’s script.

But what about our innate wisdom?

You know, that unerring sense that this isn’t it.

Unfortunately, mostly through conditioning, if we’re troubled to act, we chase another faux dream.

We build sandcastles in the air.

Learning is our touchstone — pile it high and deep — instead of letting go of what we’ve supposedly learnt to then know instinctually who we are.

What am I advocating for?


No, I don’t mean to sit crossed-legged waiting for a miracle to arrive unbidden, but to stop running after the next fix and look within beyond the chattering monkey mind.

Who or what is that bears witness to your thoughts?

And beyond that — i.e. presence?

If you think this message is no better or worse than the horsesh*t you’ve been sold or you’ve bought into, only to be desperately disappointed, then I can see that but then again you won’t find me offering a 7-step programme or the like to come alive to true self.

How can I?

I mean, when what you’re seeking you already are, it’s impossible to do anything more than point to something you innately know — i.e. you’re alive all body, mind and spirit.