It’s only getting worse

The whole damn thing, of course.

The earth is being depleted of its resources, the rich are getting richer (the numbers are off the scale), people are still dying from a lack of clean water and having enough to eat and…you know the drill.

The solution?

There isn’t one, or not one that’s going to immediately arrest or even ameliorate the course we’re on (“The end is nigh!”).

I used to say I wasn’t misanthropic but I think I need to revise that and say that, on my off days, I’m very much disinclined to believe in the goodness of the human race. In fact, I’m more likely to think of us as a plague of the most eggrerious type.

Does that mean there’s no hope?

Yes, most likely, but then again, if we really did examine the unexamined part of our psyche, the one that insists on defecating in its own nest, I wonder what we’d find?

Onwards dear readers, onwards.


— Ju