30 Years 💞

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary.

We took a few solemn vows, which we’ve stuck to, give or take the missed heartbeat of reflection and acknowledgement of just how sacred they are and have become.

We won’t make any big splash to ‘celebrate’ the passing of the years, and, hell, I doubt if any of our kids will even remember that this is where it all started — should they? — but, instead, we intend to lay flowers (roses and lilies if you must know) at a few sacred places to remember what it felt like and meant to be married all those years ago.

Thank you Allison for sticking by me when the shit was hitting the fan, I was struck down by another ennui-infused bout of Black Dog and for being the best mother anyone could ever be to our three amazing children.

All my love, Julian

PS. I’ve shared a song below from Dark Roads — an album by Stephen Jenkinson (SJ) & Gregory Hoskins. It’s called Regrets. And that’s what I’ve got to live with for the rest of my days. No, no. Not marriage but all the things I should/shouldn’t have done. Like SJ says, when the endings of days come into view maybe that’s the time to pay a visit to that little pile of regrets.