A daily practice

Do you have something that you do whatever the circumstances?

No, I don’t mean eating!

Something like:

going to the gym
saying “thank you”.


Of course, it’s pure conjecture, but chances are because you’ve no choice.

I’ve shared this quote before:

“Put your ass where your heart wants to be.” — Steven Pressfield

A few people have felt the message a little confusing, but if you look up the blog post where I got the title, this is what it says:

“If you wanna get strong, go to the gym.

If you wanna get fast, go to the track.

If you wanna get rich, go to (I’ve never figured that one out).

The point is: where the body goes, the spirit follows.”

In my case, I’ve discovered blogging again. It didn’t go away but, instead, I stopped putting my ass [sic] where it was meant to be.

As I’ve said many times, I can’t will you a different way. You’re either drawn to do your work or you’re not.

The trick is to find the connection between the real work and your soul.



PS. I’m well aware of the need to build habits but those that do not connect with the soul never last.

Photo by Pereanu Sebastian on Unsplash

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