Leadership Writing

A few words

“silence is the language of god,

all else is poor translation.” — Rumi

Words should mean something.

They did in the past.


We swim in an ocean of ho-hum.

Take the word truth: what does it conjure up in your mind?

  • Heroic acts of bravery?
  • Leaders of every hue?
  • Universal religion?

Or what about contemplation?

Or kindness?

All of us — and I mean all of us — would do well to remember there’s nearly always a history of suffering to get us to this point, where we’re apt to use words in blithe ignorance of what’s gone before and without consequence.

Perhaps I’m showing my age, but isn’t it about time we gave greater thought to our choice of words?

Of course, if you’re short of a guiding light, then the maxim ‘less is more’ still holds sway.

PS. Whether you’re in politics or any other sphere of life, to make your point think less about pleasing the audience (which one?) and speaking with truth and from the heart.