A higher purpose?

“The ultimate aim was for every human being to be immensely creative.”

Norman Mailer, On God

Which wall is your ladder leaning against?

The late Stephen Covey was apt to say, “make sure your ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

If you apply the industrial mindset, you immediately see the picture: wrong wall = wasted life.

But the truth of the matter is that you don’t need a ladder let alone alone a wall.

You need to find peace. A deep inner peace that doesn’t pander to the ego, which usually manifests in the pursuit of more.

If all this sounds hopelessly metaphysical, then I make no apology. Too many people think that financial or career success begets happiness (however defined). It doesn’t.

Before you can decide on any damn wall or ladder scenario, you have to understand who you are and your higher purpose.

I see it all the time. Those people who, after many years of climbing the career ladder, question who the hell they are and their purpose in life.

Some decide to jump off the treadmill. Others stay in the game but are more sanguine about their love affair with career success. However, the majority behave like machines. They carry on because they know no different.

Many a time I have questioned the money dilemma. Just imagine your life not dictated by the need to produce. What would you do?

The truth is that too many people use money as an excuse for not finding out who they are. Instead they default to doing it, doing it, doing it because they know it will keep the switch turned off.

You may not be ready to abandon all those stories you have been brainwashed to believe, but until you understand what it means to be alive, there isn’t much point going for the career summit. If you think otherwise, you will be pursuing a false dream.

Your quest is much bigger.

Start where you are.

Question everything.

And read, read, read.

Trust me this is a well worn path. I may be wrong but the moment we starting Thinking and Growing (Money) Rich (N Hill), was the day we lost our way.

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