A long way to go …

Hello all,

Well, this is my first real post on my blog and I apologise if it seems rather bland at this stage, but I haven’t had time to study the webatmosphere for information or a to do type list to make sense of things.

I know what I want to do with it but getting there is going to involve some serious investment of time and I am sure there are going to be some moments along the way where I will ask myself what it is all about.

My ideas for personal development (in its widest sense) keep coming at an alarming rate (organising my life’s collection of personal development books has proved hugely motivational – this is going to be a topic (organising one’s surroundings) in its own right: focus on the micro and finish what you start will be the theme (I should know a lot about this – my efforts at DIY demonstrate that I still haven’t mastered things!)).

It was interesting to hear on Radio 4 this morning Jack Straw talking about Leadership and Organisation in the police force being the key to success in those police forces that were making a positive difference. I thought of the late Sir John Harvey Jones and John Adair and why this old chestnut keeps being discussed as if it were the touchstone of success (which very often it might be) but without any school of thought being developed at a tertiary level to cater for or develop this key practice area.

Well enough of my g; hopefully my thoughts will start to manifest into a number of self-contained articles and if I can accumulate 10,000 words by the end of the year then I will be very happy indeed.

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