A simple life

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”
― Walt Whitman

I can sum up this piece in one word: less.

Less social media
Less mindless conversation
Less faux celebrity
Less trash
Less consumption
Less greed
Less hate
Less narcissism
Less. Less. Less.

But we’re not about to change.

I mean, if it’s not Brexit or wages or prosperity, it’s all about a better version of the status quo.

And just look at that.

I’m not on a mission — no really — but we need to speak our truth. If your truth is that “everything is fine” then we don’t share the same purview.

My truth is that everything is broken. It’s like we’re frozen in time, hoping that someone or something is going to make it better.


You’re on your own.

Perhaps you don’t buy the less message. But what message do you covet?

The message of WIIFM?


But then again, that seems to be the way of the world now.

If I look back on the arc of my life, and this chimes with a post that I wrote on Patreon, I can see where my attention has gone. And it hasn’t been on making things simple. Anything but.

And I recognise that when you’ve been on the hamster wheel for all these years, it’s very hard to escape. (Escape to what?)

But trust me, the ship is sinking. It’s going down slowly but it’s still sinking. If it were otherwise, we wouldn’t be polluting the air we breathe, the oceans that support so many eco systems or the animals that we now treat as another commodity. (I wonder how many people who eat meat would be prepared to kill what they eat? Not many.)

If all this sounds a bit ‘holier than thou’ for your palette that’s fine but the way I feel about things is such that if I don’t say something, then who will?


Your local politician?

Your community?


The blindfold is well and truly on.

Anyhow, enough of my blithe exhortation. I need to go to work on my life and not let it tumble forward as I’ve allowed for too long now.



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