Agents of consequence

I stole this title from a throwaway line at Stephen Jenkinson’s last Livestream event, “Disease Hotel”.

Agents of consequence.

And we are: everywhere and in everything.

Of course, if we (can) cast our minds back far enough, it wasn’t always this way; I wonder what the Earth then looked like?


Think about it: almost everything you see, if not all of it, is built in our image (i.e. our thinking).

What do you make of it?

Do you like what you see?

I don’t.

In fact, without getting all high and mighty, I think we’ve screwed things up on an unprecedented scale. Sure, there’s an argument to be had about life chances, knowledge and, if you’re feeling particularly charitable, to opine that we’ve never had it so good but just look at the cost:

  1. the age of the Anthropocene;
  2. a warming planet;
  3. mass extinction of animals;
  4. war, famine, poverty and rampant inequality; and
  5. too much wealth and/or power in too few hands.

I can’t hold this, though. Indeed, without sacrificing the moral order on the altar of my little needs and wants, I’m only able to hold a local citizenship and even then I’m often left out of sorts with a world where connection, wisdom and love are in short supply.

And your solution Summerhayes?

No. That’s not where I’m drawn. I mean, we’ve had aeons of solution-mongering and look where that’s got us.

Instead, as I’ve said so many times, find a better question, one that can’t be slain easily or (better still) at all.

Who are we?
What does it mean to be human?
How can we connect with our souls?

And then live it.

But then again, my voice, I’m quite sure, is not just out of sorts with the dominant narrative but puts me at odds with so many people. They think me morose, negative (hope free, yes), angry (that’s my give-a-shit coming out) and hell-bent on breaking asunder everything we’ve worked so hard to build.

Guilty as charged.

In fact, the more I connect with my soul, the more I feel that the world I inhabit or wish to do so might never be found on this mortal plane. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that there aren’t like-minded souls out there to connect with and to ruminate on apropos a more beautiful world, but it really shouldn’t be that hard to start and continue a conversation about the moribund narrative.

Of course, I may be doing the unmentioned agents-of-inconsequence a great disservice but I long for the day where I can find myself in someone’s presence who doesn’t spend so much time defending to me what seems practically indefensible.

As they say, onwards dear readers, onwards.

Blessings, and much love.

— Ju.

PS. For those interested, yesterday’s (mostly moral/ethical) discussions happened without much fanfare, less still grief-stricken angst — on my part. A few apologies, shuffling of virtual feet and lost causes plotted forward in time; but, truth is, I don’t expect much to change. I’ve got some hard yards under my frayed belt, and I know when someone is being sincere as opposed to saying what I don’t want to hear!

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