Another new path

Life is everything.

But when the money comes on stage, we limit life to control our fear of losing everything.

Looking back on the last decade, I realise how much I’ve challenged myself. Not to be the most of anything but instead to stay open to what is. That’s meant following a wide array of interests and very few of them have lead me to the magic money tree. Instead, they’ve shown me what it’s like to be free of my ego-driven self; namely, the person I thought I should be — because others thought it best I behave that way — instead of fully accepting life, however that showed up.

If I’ve any message to pass along it’s simply this. Never stop learning. Not just from books, seminars or even degree courses. No, about life in all its exotic ways. Of course, this means constantly stepping out on a new path, and nearly always without a clear idea of where it might lead.

And yes, I know that goes against the ‘hold-on-to-what-you’ve-got’ obsession but trust me, if you hold too fast to your ideal, you’ll shrink in proportion to your angst in maintaining the (often unhealthy) status quo.