Are we all entrepreneurs?

Yes, in short.

I think we all possess the instinct and reasoning to create — the hallmark of entrepreneurship.

I’ve rolled the dice twice (recruitment and consulting).

Both failed.

I didn’t come back for more.


Because being a lawyer was too easy. No, not the job, but it was easier to accept a wage than think of the likely penury when another idea of mine didn’t fly.

Am I regretful?

Yes, of course, but as Bukowski said, if you’re going to start, go all the way, and that means living with the shame, grief and loss that comes with telling your family, friends and peers that you failed again, and quite obviously, I’ve not been prepared to do that.

Does this mean I’ve given up on the whole idea of entrepreneurship? I’m not sure. I still harbour dreams — pale, insipid ones perhaps — but unless I’m willing to cut the Gordian Knot (finally) with my legal shtick, I don’t see how I’ll get to know if my brand of helping others (that’s what I’ve done my entire life) will ever move from the blank page to something that is sustainable across all conditions.

Again, as I’ve said so very often, much to ponder.



Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash