Awaken to a higher purpose

“we are hardly ever

as strong

as that which we


– Bukowski, The Curse, Slouching toward Nirvana

We live as two people – external and internal.

When the two coalesce we are in balance.

However, most people are driven by what lies out there. Indeed, the politics of our day, the media and our (supposed) leaders are obsessed with growth, as if that will bring about life’s meaning. They singularly ignore the inner dimension.

Without dedication to a higher cause, we flounder. The challenge therefore is to awaken to a higher purpose.

Awakening occurs in the moment that we see ourselves for who we are.

It is important that we become the mover as opposed to the moved. Call it a spiritual quest if you must, but too many of us go through life hoping that we will stumble across the truth.

We won’t.

Finding the path of inner discovery is critical to becoming who we are, and not the accretion of more.

Which path are you pursuing?



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