Back to basics

How many times have we head this?

When it comes to professional practice, there is no shortage of ideas, but how many are acted on or implemented?

The trouble is we just don’t take things very seriously these days. We do things because we have to, not because we want to.

I don’t want to sound negative, but when you ask someone about their experience of using a professional (not just lawyers), how many wax lyrical? Not many. Come to think of it, when was the last time you had cause to remark about anything that was mind-blowingly brilliant? Average or mediocre is what we have grown used to accepting, and, even allowing for our reserved, make do character, why do we put up with such poor service?

When we do have the temerity to complain, the process is so overwhelming complex, frustrating and annoying that most people just give up or don’t even bother.

I still recall a Circuit Judge remarking on a small claims track appeal:

“The only way you will get these big companies to sit up and listen is to sue them.”

How utterly depressing.

Back to basics is just doing your job to the very, very best of your ability. You shouldn’t need someone to tell you how many times to allow the phone to ring before it is answered, or the turnaround time on answering a letter. How would you feel if someone ignored you?

If you must keep revisiting “the basics”, then you need to consider why.

Why do people constantly have to be reminded of what they should be doing anyway?

Is it related to:

  1. The culture of the firm?
  2. Those people in senior positions not setting the right example?
  3. A lack of training?
  4. Employing people who just don’t care enough?
  5. Accepting a good enough approach?
  6. Not acting on client feedback?

There is no point blaming everyone or everything else.

You have to be prepared to stand for something.

In the new world that lies ahead a less is more approach may, surprisingly, be the differentiator that you have been looking for. Just imagine a situation where a client says: “They did exactly what they said they were going to”. How unremarkable but when was the last time you could honestly say a business delivered exactly as they said they would?

~ JS ~

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