Be careful what you wish for

We’re told we can be anything we like: Just-Go-For-It.

And we do.

We strive to arrive.

We set the bar higher and higher.

And, hopefully, one day, we get exactly what we desire; namely, a better life, a better job, more money, and the satisfaction of knowing that all that effort was worth it.

But, and here’s the kicker. When do we ever question who or what is it that is seeking this new and (hopefully) better life? Or more to the point, are we the mover or the moved? Or deeper still, do we will our will? (See the podcasts of Darryl Bailey.)

If we did…?

Then what?

Well, for a start we might consider that we’ve no choice — it’s just the way we’re wired. But we might also consider, perhaps from a slightly different perspective to the one I’ve posited (but still relevant — at least to me), if this is where we want to get to in furtherance of true self. That’s not to say we should operate from a space of lack but then again, if all 7 odd billion people want the same thing(s) — mostly, it seems, a stable, economically viable life — where does that leave the earth?