Be yourself

Finding our way“The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” — Rollo May

I write a lot about living the divided life. You know, the sort of life where you say “yes” but you really mean “no”. Or where you wear one mask and then another, in order to fit in.

But, in the end, it kills you, slowly at first, but eventually you die from the inside out.

As I see it, all of us have inherent genius, not the variety you’ve been conditioned to believe, i.e. the superhuman effort, but the genius person that lives true to who they are and makes the very most of their talents, even if that means living a life of quiet contemplation.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, but for too long I allowed myself to be seduced by the picture of success, which meant buying into the industrial, consumerist paradigm, only to discover in a moment of profound realisation that I wasn’t living but merely existing in a world where to succeed all I had to do was become a compliant cog.

I know there are many people who are happy to sacrifice their personhood — certainly whilst at work — but I cannot (now) conceive a situation where I didn’t allow my true self to manifest, and try my best to live an undivided life.

To be clear, this isn’t about replacing one set of labels for another, but it does mean to unlearn a great deal of my past conditioning, challenge myself to live meaningfully in an uncertain world and to have no expectations other than to live fully in each moment.

I suppose what I’m really saying is it’s time to grow up or, better still, to grow into the person I should have been.