The SatNav of Life

Life is a journey. We all know that. And no, this is not another “with one leap” type post – my wife thought the last one was just a bit too deep. But I want to share with you my current (whereabouts) thinking on life.

Have you ever thought of the SatNav as a metaphor for how you live your life? You plug in:

  1. A decent education;
  2. Climbing the ladder of success;
  3. Earning more money;
  4. Planning for a certain level of retirement; and
  5. A Pre-paid funeral.

Now I am sure all those aims are perfectly laudable and if you are content to see your life mapped out in this way then hats off to you. Me, being a restless soul, still find a lot of this stuff tough to deal with.

I can’t help asking myself: “What’s it all about? There has to be more.” Now, by more, I don’t mean more money or a more prestigious job, I mean what the hell are we here for?

I think as long as we keep ploughing the same field and following the same lines year after we just forget how to live.

What’s stopping you turning off the damn SatNav for just one day and going with flow of things (think of getting in your car and just driving for 1 hour and see where you end up – try and avoid the motorways!)

I would be really excited to hear how you have done something to change the hum drum and set your passions free.