The age debate

Listening to Sir Michael Parkinson today on Radio 4 on his year long project on care of the elderly in care homes and how they were treated, made me reflect on my own project to offer training and coaching around personal development. The reason being that why should the process of development have any cut off point; and why would an 80+ person have any less interest or motivation (albeit in different areas of their life) than a 30+ person. I was not thinking of this in a commercial context – although there might in time be some sort of offering – but more the fact that nearly every website that I had viewed or nearly every book that I had read seemed to be premised on youth. I remember hearing one of Tom Hopkins’ tapes many years ago when he dealt with goals for the next 10 years and one of his audience who was in her 70s said that she just wanted to be alive in the next 10 years. He made her write it down. Now I am quite sure that wishful thinking by itself will not impact substantially but having a mental approach and outlook that focuses on the hear and now and doesn’t dwell on the inevtability of one’s mortality has to be uplifting and if that can be combined with a continuation of life’s experience (which must be fun) then I am sure that this is something that will resonate. Any how just my thought for the day around personal development.