I’ve not written here for quite a while.

No reason, save that my content — most of it — has been shared on Patreon.

Perhaps it’s in my nature, but I feel (always…) a need to express what I feel, see and hear. I know that hardly makes for a niche but it is what’s driven me on all these years. (Since 2010.)

I’m still thinking through how best to connect with my content — particularly my writing — but I think it’s time to return to blogging, as well as writing to Patreon.

I don’t want to segregate things in such a way that you can only expect to see one type of content here, another on Patreon and another on Podbean but I suspect I’m as likely to write about the need to connect with our spirit as I’m the need to do purposeful work.

I don’t like to spread my work wide and far; if I do share this blog, it’s most likely to be on Twitter only but of course, I may also direct you to the odd podcast if I think it helps to make my point.

Thank you for your patience and I look forward to sharing a few more words over what remains of the month (October 2017).

Blessings and love.


PS. Below is the latest series of podcasts on Podbean if you’re interested.