Blogs are not (just) for Marketing

A blog has the power to start a movement, build a tribe and cause a ruckus.

It is not yet ubiquitous, but still presents one of the most valuable platforms available to the citizen journalist, marketeer, company or charity.

However, I am concerned that the only (arid) conversation that is being directed my way is to market you, your product or service. And, I don’t just mean the common-or-garden type built on principles of trust and good governance. No, I mean the type where the avowed intention is to sell, or to gently manipulate the platform for pure financial gain.

Don’t get me wrong (please).

I would be the last person to stand in your way from making a tidy sum and some more from your efforts, but your efforts risk corrupting the paradigm to the point where the moment I see the usual squeeze page, free download or big flashing arrow, I know the only reason for the blog is to make money in double quick time!

[You will have seen that Seth Godin recently launched his own Kickstarter project to fund his next book The Icarus Deception. He asked for $40,000 in 28 days and smashed that target in a matter of hours (it is now close to $200,000). No doubt the project chimed with his Tribe, but there was no sales hook, only a bushel of great offers that I viewed as value-laden. His blog of course came way before the ‘offer’.]

The point is that before you start trying to sell me, you have to:

  1. Earn my trust;
  2. Show a givers mindset;
  3. Deliver WOW copy;
  4. Deliver value in abundance;
  5. Show you care;
  6. Be authentic; and
  7. Show up.

There is no pre-set methodology for a blog. I have seen so many different types, styles and layouts that it would be wrong for me to offer any opinion on the this. Own it would be my advice. Just because your Guru hero has a format that you like, don’t think you can copy everything they do, and then ride on their coattails.

If you are in the process of setting up a blog then you need to have a strategy but don’t let marketing become the (only) sine qua non.

Write from the heart as much as from the cold, mercenary ‘we must make money with this sucker’ mindset.

Finally, it is not enough to rely on the ubiquitous free download, webinar or guest interview. You have to provide the most magical, star spangled content that you can humanly provide.

Work at it every day.

And don’t take anything for granted.

Less tricks and more passion would be my message.

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