Breathing life into your career

Are you a linchpin?

Is you raison d’être to create something remarkable, or do you merely fit it in, keep your head down and hope that you will get noticed?

In many ways, your career is regressing, and in more ways than you care to acknowledge. To make matters worse, the people ahead of you are holding on for grim death. They have far too much to lose.

If you want to breathe new life into your career, stop waiting to be picked. Do you really think that playing Karaoke is the best way to get on?

Go to work on your career and stop working in it. If you keep just doing the work you are merely playing to the gallery who expect a compliant cog.

Are you inspired by what you do, or do you feel a numbness from the similarity of each day?

What’s stopping you from re-imagining a different way?

When was the last time you stood back and considered the ‘Why’? You have a ready-made answer for the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ but you have lost sight of your true (or any?) calling.

If all this sounds too hard don’t be surprised if others continue to make up the rules.

Breathing life into your career may mean that you have to set a completely different sail. If your focus is blinded by the money, and the necessities you have accumulated, then no one would think less of you for following your current path.

But over the long haul?

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