Bringing life to life

There’s so much that gets in the way of life, let alone living.

If only we’d simplify everything.

But we don’t.

Instead, we opt for a squeeze-the-lemon-dry approach to feel we’re making something of our lives

Where does that leave our music-making, our art and our dance — as examples?

I mean, if we’re busy working to buy the next experience, how much room is left for us to connect with our deeper, truer, artistic selves?

Not much.

Of course, how you bring life to life is entirely a matter of your persuasion but standing back across the decades of my tiny little life, I realise (only now, sadly) how much time I’ve invested in work and keeping up appearances, eviscerating any connection to my soul.

If only, in the beginning, I’d gone all the way with my one true love who knows where I might have ended up.

Deep bows.

Photo by Carlos de Toro on Unsplash bon