Can I be bovvered …

… with this social media lark?



Do I care?

There are many reasons why business needs to understand the social paradigm that goes with social media, not least the fact that they have to deal with people at some stage in the process of selling their services. But, right now, there are those people that haven’t even passed the threshold of understanding why they have a website (despite the fact that they have spent a great deal of time and effort bringing it to market) and, therefore, trying to promote the benefits or added value of social media is quite difficult.

Possibly one of the reasons is that those with the decision-making powers are not those closest to the (social media) action. No I don’t mean those people that are busy at the coal face but rather there may be an age and or cultural dimension that is not being transcended (I am very hesitant about trying to make generalisations about age and if you think I am wrong then tell me…!).

This raises the question – yet again – about ceding control. Until business is happy to see the groundswell embraced (at a lower level) there is likely to be a disconnect between the socially active media type and the client who is likely to coalesce at the entry point for buying or understanding about the service.

In short then whilst there is likely to be a cadre of folk who are not bovvered that is not to say that lower down there are not some very frustrated people who could make a difference to your business – sales, customer retention, brand awareness, event planning – if the idea of social media was allowed to grow and develop.

My advice is to consider a short survey and find out where the groundswell exists and tap into it. You never know you might just find the superstars of tomorrow who by their deeds around social media take the business to new heights.

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