It’s not ours

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Property ownership is taken as read.

There’s no dispute: what’s mine is mine; what’s yours is yours.

If that’s right, who’s standing up for nature?

You, me, the government, NGOs or the Third Sector?

Actually, it’s a dumb question because, despite the nascent earth law movement, no one is interested in legislating on an absolute or any basis to preserve and protect mother earth and all living things.

The truth is if we had to balance all the competing interests — e.g. jobs, growth, economic prosperity, the sanctity of nature and the life of other sentient beings — humans would always find a way to justify their deleterious actions. If it were otherwise, we wouldn’t now be talking about planetary loss on such an unprecedented scale.

Now I accept that law is often a very big hammer to crack a difficult nut but then again, if we loved all living things as much as we love our iPhone and car, then I’d wager we’d be all over this climate thing et al. that no one seems to agree on let alone is prepared to meaningfully address.

It’s a sombre message but right now, and as I shared in today’s spiritual reflection, I’m struggling to understand why we’re still so obsessed with being all we can be at the expense of everything else.

I appreciate that there are no easy answers but walking our environmental talk has got to be better than convening another meaningless summit or inter-continental workshop.

Take care.



Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash