E-Myth Giving Personal Branding Zen

Me Inc.

“We have a purpose, Sarah, to create. And creation does not need anything other than itself to justify it. Creation, the act of producing something out of nothing, the love that one finds in the pure act of it, is enough to last a human being a lifetime.”

From E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber

I haven’t gone away.

In fact, I have never been so focused on getting my web presence and branding sorted.

Nothing stands in my way save the limitations of my mind.

You could say I’m only just beginning.

A break with law was merely one small step to realising the real me.

What comes next?

As I’ve said before, the pursuit of more won’t cut it. It’s in the creative act that everything changes. The template is yours to design. You can ape those you admire, but it’s never the same. You have to go much deeper. To the core of who you really are.

I am excited about the new persona.

Simplicity will be my touchstone.

My legacy?

Who knows. But I hope a body of work that stands the test of time.

– Julian