the only guaranteed way to win work

Stay in touch with your clients.

When was the last time you made an impromptu visit to your client’s premises?

Picked up the phone to a previous client where the file had been closed more than 6 months ago?

Or sent a letter without there being a big fat sales message?

Absent clients, you would have no practice, and yet you treat them as a commodity. They are only as useful to you as the potential to bill them.

I sense a smash and grab operation in play.

ABS will unleash a slew of database savvy entities who understand, much like Tesco did a few years ago, that the value of their customers was immense. They didn’t allow them to go unchecked in a blank mist of uncertainty – they told them (or likely compelled them) why they needed to come back and sample the shelves once more (or did I mean the mighty Amazon?).

Let’s face it you haven’t stopped to consider if you should even stay in touch with your clients. Big firms have no choice, but the vast majority of ‘High Street’ firms wait for the client to make the next move.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should spam your clients. No, it means earning their attention (or the people that they know or have influence over) to come back and instruct you.

I can’t over emphasise this point.

And staying in contact is not some faux exercise designed to real in another job.

Every client should be viewed through the lens of the trusted advisor; namely they will stay with you for life.

If you truly value your practice, livelihood and status then devise a scheme that starts to engage with your clients regularly, meaningfully and with passion. If nothing else, the feedback will be immense.

Your clients value your advice. They may not be in a position to instruct you now, but in time they will come to see you as an advisor and not just a supplier.

Big difference.

If you haven’t yet invested in something more than the standard Excel spreadsheet, then at least make sure that someone takes responsibility for keeping that fresh and capable of delivering your message in the right way and at the right time.

This is job number 1, seriously.

And in fact, it could just mean the difference between firms staying in business over the next few years or withering on the vine.