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The Importance of Self Trust

self trust

The biggest component of any brand, including yours, is trust.

Each day you promise yourself that you will achieve your goals, but do you trust yourself (enough) to follow through?

Procrastination is a killer. It gnaws away at [y]our soul. Each time we make a promise, and break it, we create an element of doubt that leads to a loss of self trust.

Quite possibly, you have given up believing.

The external is no different, save that how you live your life is more important than what you say. The right actions make a lasting impression, more so than any amount of hyperbole.

one step at a time

To get anything done, you have to believe in yourself – anything is possible!

Too often we over-commit – the To Do list is like a black hole of hopelessness – and we end up with nothing.

It is no surprise that a lot of what you read on success is marked out with the theology of small – it builds confidence and elides self-doubt. Try doing less or breaking down each task, promise or goal into much, much smaller pieces. Just imagine if your list had only 3 things and every day you completed them all.

It’s too easy to do the same thing but you know that the outcome is entirely predictable. In some cases, people have a lifetime of experience to gauge how the day will go (“same old, same old”). Tomorrow’s outcome won’t change by accident.

cause and effect

Each time you create a thought it is followed by an action: cause and effect. The greater and more consistent the repetition (of the right thoughts) the more likely it is that when you next warrant to self that you will do something different, the less likely it is that you will default. Even the mundane, and ever-so-boring tasks can be great on the confidence scale.

self trust

Building self trust is hard. Too often we stop believing because we can’t face rejection. But often failure is the necessary feedback to change course or to look at something with a fresh pair of eyes.

If you want to do anything though you have to believe that you are capable. Pushing yourself isn’t just the myth of the great, it means you are prepared to follow your gut instinct and do something because you know you have no choice. The more you can overcome the demons of change, the more likely it is you will slay the Resistance (see the War of Art by Steven Pressfield).

Self Trust: Do something for yourself, to the best of your ability and make sure you deliver on all your promises, no matter how hard the enterprise.

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