Changing behaviour

“For the most part, the difference between those who change behaviour and those who don’t is a compelling sense of purpose.”

Stephen M R Covey, The Speed of Trust

I have excoriated the legal profession in the last few months for its lack of attention to the soft skills:


People development;


But it occurs to me, as I post my 300+ blog post, that there isn’t a whole lot of changed behaviour.

Oh sure there are few more people climbing aboard the social media juggernaut but I don’t recall reading about any great innovation (I have 20+ RSS feeds for the legal sector that I look at every day). I have mentioned pay us what you think we are worth, ROWE (Results only Work Environment) and money back guarantees. I have also mentioned Gary Hamel‘s book The Future of Management which is replete with examples of companies who have successfully challenged the status quo.

What did I expect? Lots of Jumping Jacks with people saying: “Look at us, look at us?”

No. But I did expect to discover a greater sense of purpose to change.

I am not vain enough to think that a blog, least of all my itsy bitsy affair, is going to make a jot of difference to the lumbering, monolithic structure that calls itself the legal profession; but it would be nice – inspirational in terms – to be able to report a success story or two.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. My incredulity has to tempered by the fact that lawyers are well paid – many in my view are over paid – and if that is the sine qua non for their continued involvement in the profession then until there is a seismic change affecting their wallets there will be no imperative to change, radically or otherwise.

But that won’t stop me continuing to bang my drum.

“Soft is Hard. Hard is Soft.”

Tom Peters

Believe it or not I care passionately about the legal profession. You don’t spend nearly 20 years of your life committed to something to throw it all away.

My driver remains: to challenge every person, at every level of the firm, to become the most of anything. I want the firm and the people that operate under its cathedral of raw talent to work towards an environment that keeps them motivated, inspired, focused and allows them to do good whilst at the same time expanding their knowledge, expertise, soft skills and expertise.

If I can help people and firms deliver on that, then I will feel that I have achieved something.

~ Julian Summerhayes ~

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