Changing the organisation

It’s easy.

  1. Follow the Golden Rule.
  2. Stamp out bullsh*t work.
  3. Listen to your people; allow a safe space, always.
  4. Understand that your ‘Why’ is not solely about making money; you do have one but it’s been lost in the hyperbole.
  5. Do no harm to anyone or anything; the Green agenda isn’t a gimmick. It’s real.
  6. Cut out all meetings unless they take the business forward in a demonstrable way.
  7. Human resources is not about control; it’s about trust, personal growth and love.
  8. For those at the top who’ve got used to a certain way of life, it’s high time you asked yourself what’s enough.
  9. Everyone is disengaged. That’s inherent in the industrial complex. You can change this but it won’t come about by applying extrinsic rewards. Give people more autonomy, consider their purpose in and outside the company and marry it with your ‘Why’ (this isn’t easy) and offer unlimited training — paid and unpaid.
  10. Finally, if you want people to change, wholesale, ask yourself (if you’re, actually, in a position to influence the agenda…) how much you’re willing to change. “Be the change” isn’t a catchy slogan. It’s the sine qua non of reinventing the organisation.

Enjoy your Friday.



Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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